Video Wall Edmonton



Videowalls are replacing projectors and single display systems. Large format Videowalls have many advantages over single screen / projector setups, such as:

  • ● Larger resolutions for displaying HD and UHD content
  • ● Commercial build quality
  • ● Bright and vibrant display technologies
  • ● The ability to display content in much larger formats while maintaining content quality and hardware reliability

Videowalls have many benefits compared to other forms of communication and can be found in industries from education to healthcare.

The large presentation canvas that Videowalls provide demands attention from your target audience, and when combined with content management software, allow you to keep your communications fresh and audience informed.


Videowalls from digital EDGE media are installed by industry professionals with years of experience in the field. A few benefits to purchasing your video wall through dEm are:

  • ● Custom wall layouts to suit your specific needs
  • ● 4K / UHD capabilities
  • ● Size scalability with commercial grade monitors
  • ● Designed for use with your preferred inputs
  • ● Integrate with content management systems for digital signage and presentations


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