What Do Your Meeting Spaces Say About Your Company?

In AV the word ‘meeting space’ encompasses everything from a little huddle room meant for a couple of people, to large boardrooms that can host annual general meetings.

Each space has different uses and therefore different requirements. In today’s day and age, some sort of audiovisual component is a necessity in almost every room. Your situation may have a need for white noise to dampen voices so critical confidential information is not overheard, or perhaps you require a seamless system for your video conference calls that are held with teams across the world…

The technology you install throughout your office sends a clear message to your team, visitors and customers.

What message are you sending? What kind of company do others see when they walk into your office and into your boardroom?

Are you progressive, forward-thinking and innovative, or are you still rocking a rotary payphone in the lunchroom?

Not All Meeting Spaces Are Created Equal

Regardless of what you install, ensuring you have a streamlined, plug and play system is essential to keeping productivity up and frustration levels down. No one has time to fiddle around with cords and buttons trying to sync their computer to the display while a room full of eyes are watching.

There are three main meeting space classifications. Huddle rooms, meeting rooms, and board rooms.

The technology that is available today is endless and can be difficult to navigate. Our team of experts are skilled in knowing how to choose the best solution available for everyone and every room. Smaller spaces like huddle rooms require less technology, so having a small system to make those zoom meetings easy and painless – with just a touch of a button – might be all you need.

For a state of the art boardroom that holds accommodates a wide spectrum of gatherings, you will require the installation of speakers, mics, displays, white noise, room scheduling and more. With our easy-to-use automated control system, even your grandmother would look like a technology pro.


Audio-Visual As A Service” also known as AVAAS – is a buzz-phrase in today’s AV industry. As the world evolves, our needs and requirements change… and the rate of change is getting faster with each passing year.

Whether you are a start-up or have been in business for decades, our state-of-the-art technology enables everyone to be on a level playing field.
Now you can save time and leverage your money when outfitting your meeting room spaces. With our newest and best technology, you will pay a fraction of the standard price… and the best part? Zero headaches!
Something doesn’t work? Just give us a call. Something needs to be warrantied? Just call!

As technology improves and changes, components can become incompatible. It can be very frustrating and time-consuming to have to purchase new equipment in order to make your system work. AVAAS completely eliminates this issue. With a dEm installed system, if required, everything will be upgraded at no additional cost.

You don’t need to be left behind. The digital EDGE media team is experienced and specializes in walking customers through the process to ensure that you receive the best possible solution for your situation.

Contact us for more information on meeting room solutions!

The talented team at digital EDGE is dedicated to creating functional spaces that provide for the unique needs of our clients. We do not set limitations for ourselves, and therefore, there are no limits to what we can achieve for our clients.

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