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The talented team at digital EDGE is dedicated to creating functional spaces that provide for the unique needs of our clients. We do not set limitations for ourselves, and therefore, there are no limits to what we can achieve for our clients.

Beaumont Community

Weddings, dance, yoga classes… you name it, the Beaumont Community Centre hosts it.

When a facility accommodates such a wide variety of events, it needs an AV solution that is flexible, reliable, and turnkey.

That is exactly what digital EDGE provided the Beaumont Community Centre. The hallmark of the installation is the “combine and divide” audio and video system in the facility’s two event halls:

Since the halls can physically join into one large room or remain separate, the community centre needed a flexible audiovisual system that could merge and split on demand.

Our system does just that.

With the push of a button, the projectors and speakers in the two halls can seamlessly transition between playing the same content or operating exclusively to each room.

Furthermore, the Beaumont Community Centre can play host to an even larger variety of clients thanks to audiovisual-integrated technology in the boardroom and multi-purpose rooms. Anyone can easily use these systems without instruction or experience, allowing them to take advantage of media and the limitless range of activities that are possible because of it.

Our installation also empowers the facility’s staff during their day-to-day operations:

digital EDGE’s robust paging system gives staff full control over their lines of communication to every room in the building.

They can contact a single room, multiple rooms of their choosing, or the entire building—whatever they need—with ease.

Ultimately, the Beaumont Community Centre is exactly what the name implies: A pillar that supports Beaumont’s events, productivity, and recreation—whatever the need may be.

We’re happy to be part of the solution.

Red Deer

In 2019, Red Deer College expanded upon its distinguished sports history by hosting the 2019 Canada Winter Games.

However, putting on such a prestigious event requires a world-class facility…

… we were up to the challenge.

digital EDGE is proud to have worked alongside Red Deer College and Comtec Associates to deliver a robust AV system capable of supporting a variety of sports while delivering an exhilarating experience to the audience.

Seriously, this setup is one of the coolest things we’ve done:

Two 17 foot wide LED walls hang in the college’s gymnasium, armed with custom scorekeeping software and media playback for instant-replays, advertising, and communicating important messages.

There are four locations where it is possible to control these media walls—an essential feature given that some sports require the gym to be set up in entirely different configurations.

Did we mention how simple it is to control the system?

Using AMX control touchscreens and IP video systems, you can switch between presets and adjust sources and volume for the space. The system is so intuitive that anyone can easily use it without having any prior experience.

Community R-Series Loudspeakers and I-Series Subwoofers comprise the gym audio system, providing intelligibility, clarity, and high-fidelity—a rare find in a gymnasium environment.

Since Red Deer College’s arena can come apart entirely to switch from an Olympic-sized facility to a hybrid, it requires an AV system that can adjust to meet these specifications.

Our system accommodates that.

The AV system can move 10 feet forward without hassle, giving Red Deer College the flexibility they need to support a number of sports programs.

An AMX touchscreen control at the fitness services desk controls the AV system in the recreation center.

A simple touch can control background music, manage audio and video sources, and integrate paging in the squash courts, yoga studio, and drop-in spaces.

Everything from the floor installations, glass, lighting, and green initiatives plays a hand in making Red Deer College a top of the line facility. With our AV system, they can add effective communication and an ability to host a variety of sports functions to that list.

Sherwood Park
Alliance Church

The Sherwood Park Alliance Church is a pillar of the community, seating thousands of congregation members every single weekend.

You might be wondering:

“What are the characteristics of such a great church?”

One significant factor is uninhibited and engaging communication.

Working with Comtec Associates, digital EDGE installed a 37 foot wide LED display that runs the length of Sherwood Park Alliance Church’s stage. They primarily use it to show creative content, worship music lyrics, and messages.

It’s also our biggest single display to date. And it’s pretty awesome.

Besides being staggeringly large, the display withstands the facility’s powerful performance lighting system by offering the best brightness and clarity in the market.

The bottom line?

No matter where you are or what is going on in the church’s expansive, multi-story auditorium, you will be immersed into the experience without impediment.

Another significant benefit is flexibility in purpose and design:

Since the media wall is modular, it can rearrange to accommodate any stage setup. It can even separate into multiple displays.

Facing opposite of the stage is an 8 foot wide wall-mounted LED display. This installation empowers performers and speakers with the content and prompts necessary to make the most of any service.

The best part is that all the components are removable for maintenance without even having to take the display off the wall!

We are thrilled to have played a role in making Sherwood Park Alliance Church a home that engages families who wish to grow in their faith, serve, and love others.