Hosting customers?

Your AV setup needs to entertain and inform your customers while reinforcing your brand at every opportunity.

Our AV technology creates an atmosphere and venue that is uniquely yours.

We’ll help ensure your menu boards, sports screens, and background audio enhance your brand at every customer touchpoint.


digital EDGE media + Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

Need something to captivate your customers and drive sales?

Tired of having to buy new menu boards every time you want to adjust some prices or make a simple change?

We got you.

Digital give you more control over your menus, and provide an interactive digital display with brand specific imaging. Customers and diners looking for a better ordering experience will thank you for it.


digital EDGE media + Restaurant Background Audio

Need a little ambiance?

The right track goes a long way in creating atmosphere…

… as long as it doesn’t sound like hot garbage.

digital EDGE provides full-control audio systems using products from leading audio manufacturers. We tune each audio system to the room so you get nothing but the crisp, feedback-free sound you expect.


digital EDGE media + Restaurant Digital Signage

If you want customers to notice your messaging, it needs to be more than just eye-catching—it needs to be an experience.

We can help you with that.

Our digital signage solutions broadcast your content through detailed, vivid displays.

The result is stunning—even in outdoor settings.

Work with digital EDGE’s talented graphic designers to create on-brand experiences for your audience that capture their attention and admiration.

You’ll have full control over messaging and aesthetics, which means you can fire your print shop, save time and money, and always stay up-to-date on your content.


digital EDGE media + Restaurant Meeting Rooms

Optimize your meeting room for collaboration, problem-solving, and training.

Make it easy to share ideas with custom video displays, background noise-cancelling audio communications devices, and advanced meeting management devices.

Premium options include synchronized touchscreen control panels which give you full control over the entire meeting room system, all at your fingertips.

digital EDGE integrates audio-visual equipment for a any size or shape of room. With access to hundreds of professional AV suppliers, we can easily accommodate specific requirements and layouts.


digital EDGE media + Restaurant Multi Use Space Audiovisual System

Need your facility to suit a variety of activities?

We can install creative AV setups that make your space flexible in purpose and capacity.

For example, with the proper installation, your restaurant can double as a concert venue, event venue,
or any other facility you need.


digital EDGE media + Restaurant Outdoor LED Display

Got a promotion the community needs to know about?

Let your community know with outdoor LED displays that send high-definition messages in highdefinition clarity, such as:

• Billboards
• Video Walls
• Interactive Screens
• Small Signage

We won’t leave you hanging—digital EDGE offers full creative design services, easy-to-use content management software, and on-site service plans.