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Government AND PUBLIC SERVICE Solutions

Your words need to be shared with the highest level of precision because your profession relies on clarity, dependability, and accuracy.

You can’t spend time worrying about your audio-visual system during an important video conference or broadcast.

It just needs to work.

Our AV service and techs can provide you with the quality and reliability you need, so you can focus on what’s important.


Digital EDGE media provides solutions for all sectors of government including:

Town Halls

Make your town hall a pillar of the community by making it easy to facilitate communication and share ideas.

Full integration provides superior lighting, seamless sound control, and high-quality portable systems for multiple applications.

There are countless ways to transform your town hall into a modern facility with relevant up to date technology including everything from wayfinding solutions to digital signage.

digital EDGE media will provide you with custom solutions that fit your needs and your budget.


Wayfinding kiosks help people get where they need to go.

Our superior wayfinding systems combine audio and visual components, as well as automation options for full access to information at all times.

Meeting Room Solutions

Need a facility that suits a variety of activities?

We can install creative AV setups that make your space flexible in purpose and capacity.

For example, with the proper installation, a community hall could double as a banquet hall, cafeteria space, or any other facility you need.

Digital Signage

If you want the community to notice your messaging, it needs to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

We can help you with that.

Our digital signage solutions broadcast your content through displays that pop out with vivid colours and crystal clear images.

The result is stunning—even in outdoor settings.

Work with digital EDGE’s talented graphic designers to create on-brand experiences for your audience that capture their attention and admiration.

You’ll have full control over messaging and aesthetics, which means you

Presentation Solutions

Nail the presentation with the help of automation and control.

We can automate everything from the lights to your AV equipment so you can focus on delivering your pitches and ideas.

A great presentation system is well-hidden, yet easily accessible when you need it. We can create a multi-purpose stationary solution or design a portable option for worry-free travelling.

Multi-Use Space AV Systems

Have a space that is used for many different functions?

We provide audiovisual solutions that can be used for many different purposes. These flexible setups allow you to utilize space in whatever capacity is required at that time.

If installed properly you can go from a meeting hall in the morning to a theatre at night!

Portable Solutions

Looking for a professional AV solution that can travel to different rooms and facilities?

Have variety of rooms you’d like to present in?
Leave it to us.

We design the most convenient portable solutions that save you time and money.


Better communication means better learning.

digital Edge designs gamification and interactive centers for children and teens, as well as full library solutions for presentations and paging systems.

As the world around us is transitioning almost everything into a digital format, digital EDGE media will work with you to keep your library relevant and transform your space into a place where the young tech-savvy generation will want to come and hang out.

Sound Masking

Tired of shushing noisemakers?

Sound masking is a high tech solution that emits white noise in the same frequency of human speech, making it less noticeable.

digital EDGE’s audio techs have expertise in creating fully sound-proofed rooms and spaces for a flawless AV experience.

Many of our AV components and devices are capable of completely eliminating background noise during communications or recording.

Digital Signage

Ensure your patrons have the most up-to-date information. Displays throughout your library can provide hours of operation, special activities, and reminders with eye-catching graphics that will ensure information is received and understood.

We can help you decide what types of displays would work best for your space and budget.

Whichever solution you choose to incorporate, we will ensure you are completely satisfied and “wowed” by the results.

Work with digital EDGE’s talented graphic designers to create stunning content and give your customers an experience that will leave them wanting more.

You’ll have full control over all the aesthetics and what messages are displayed, which means you’ll save time and money with no need for a print shop, and always stay up-to-date on your content.

Meeting Room Solutions

Want your library to be the best place in the community for collaboration?

Make it easy to share ideas with custom video displays, background noise-cancelling audio communications devices, and advanced meeting management devices.

All at your fingertips, premium options include synchronized touchscreen control panels which give you full control over the entire meeting room system.

digital EDGE integrates audio-visual equipment for any size or shape of room. With access to hundreds of professional AV suppliers, we can easily accommodate specific requirements and layouts.

Game Centers & Interactive Centers

Having trouble capturing the attention of kids these days?

Gamification is proven to have a remarkable impact on learning and retention; however, gaming systems and activity centers require ease-of-use and flexibility.

digital EDGE designs interactive systems that can easily be changed, added to, and adapted for different audiences, playing styles, and age levels.


AV production plays a crucial role in arena settings. Ensuring your audience is engaged and enjoying a great fan experience is important to assure a successful outcome.

Sporting event or live concert, digital EDGE offers high-quality audio and video capabilities that cater to every occasion.

We supply hi-tech, hands-off scoring systems for everything from soccer and football fields to gymnasiums and hockey rinks.

Performance Audio Systems

Your audio system doesn’t just need to be loud—it needs to be clear, evenly distributed, and intelligible to everyone in the arena.

digital EDGE’s crisp audio systems offer dependable sound for a range of applications from sporting events to concerts and other functions.

Get more control with a performance audio AV system that can be easily modified and adapted to suit your every need.

Paging Systems

Paging systems are not just for calling out the 50/50 winner! They are an important necessity for any arena, improving communication and ensuring safety.

A Paging system keeps operations running smoothly and provides the ability to alert staff quickly. Depending on your arena set-up, you can choose between one-way or two-way systems, and can add on the capacity to communicate with individual rooms if required.

Not sure what to choose? No worries, our experts at digital EDGE media will walk you through everything step-by-step.

Digital Signage

Not just for distributing information, digital signage in arenas can be used to broadcast replays of events, increase the visibility of key speakers to those in the back, or advertise upcoming events.

In cases of emergency where large numbers of people need information, your digital signage can be used to relay time-sensitive information with a touch of a button. Providing directions and information when emotions are high will assist in ensuring order and safety.

Content is displayed on dynamic displays that have vivid colours and clear pictures creating the best viewing options possible.

We won’t leave you hanging! digital EDGE’s talented graphic designers will not only assist in creating content for your new displays, but will also provide training on how to update the information.

Media Walls and Scoreboards

For professional sports facilities, our proprietary scoreboard technology offers best-in-class options and visibility.

Our media walls accommodate many different specifications and purposes. You can choose a simple wall-mounted unit or go for a four surface version that can hang in the centre of your arena.

Media walls not only provide traditional scoreboard functionality, but can display any kind of media, integrating with your arena’s audiovisual system.

They are also extremely easy to use.

We design our media walls so people without any tech experience or knowledge of the system can operate them with ease.

Let us help you design a custom system for your arena. We’ll create a full-scale solution that meets your specific needs-from technology all the way through to programming and training.

Outdoor LED Displays

Got awesome events coming up in your arena?

Let your community know with outdoor LED displays that send your messages in high-definition clarity.

Big or small, get your message out there on bright displays that can be seen for miles around.

Fire Stations

In emergency situations, your AV systems cannot fail.

We get that.

We offer dependable fire station lighting and audio/video technology, with fully integrated control rooms and 911/dispatch centers.

Meeting Rooms

Optimize your meeting room to foster collaboration, problem-solving, and training.

Regardless of the shape and size of your meeting room, digital EDGE can integrate a professional custom AV system that will meet your needs.

If you’re looking for a room that can accommodate a variety of meeting styles, we can provide solutions that include custom video displays, background noise-cancelling audio communications devices, and advanced meeting management systems.

Looking to upgrade with top of the line technology? Consider including synchronized touchscreen control panels which give you full control over the entire meeting room system, at your fingertips.

Training Room Systems

We are experts on creating realistic experiences.

Using advanced digital technology and tools, we can create training rooms and simulation systems that prepare personnel for any type of event or situation.

Your best training sessions don’t have to be in the field–contact us to learn more about creative digital training tools.

Digital Signage

Got an important message you need to send the community?

Provide your team with new alerts, information and reminders on vivid and clear displays that will catch their attention and save you time and money on paper bulletins.

Keep the community updated with an outdoor display! Inform them on what’s new at the station and provide safety tips and reminders. Also, encourage local support for your firefighting team through dynamic messages on how everyone can contribute to community safety.

digital EDGE media’s talented graphic design team can assist you with creative content to ensure your messages are eye-catching and engaging.

Control Rooms

When technology is at the center of your operations, you need dependable systems that support and track your operations so you can focus on what is really important.

Our control room solutions combine various technologies and communications systems to ensure full monitoring, wireless and remote controlling, and automation.

Recreational Centers

Keep your community recreation complex running smoothly with an effective audiovisual system.

We offer creative solutions for:

• Swimming pools
• Meeting rooms
• Gymnasiums
• Paging systems

Performance Audio

Ensure your audio is not only loud but is also crisp and clear so it is intelligible in the different areas of the Centre.

digital EDGE media provides dependable audio systems that can be modified and adapted for the array of functions offered – sporting events, concerts, pools or gyms.

Our easy to use systems will be sure to be a hit with staff and patrons young and old.

Meeting Room

Need an ideal spot for collaboration in your recreation center?

digital EDGE media provides solutions that can be tailored to fit your unique space.

Providing many different options for different requirements, we can set you up with custom video displays, white noise, meeting management devices and even integrated synchronized touch screen control panels.

We are partnered with the industry’s top AV suppliers and have access to hundreds of products enabling us to give you the best solution that fits your needs.

These systems are easy to use but we will ensure your staff has the training required for smooth operation.

Multi-Use Space AV Systems

Need a facility that suits a variety of activities?

Is there that one space that serves multiple uses for a variety of users? This requires a set up with flexibility at its core.

We can provide you with an AV solution that is flexible and still top-quality. With the proper installation, any space can transition through a concert venue to a banquet hall to an information session with ease.

Background Audio

Nothing absorbs your customers into their activities like bumping the right tune…

… as long as it doesn’t sound like hot garbage.

digital EDGE provides full-control audio systems using products from leading audio manufacturers. We tune each audio system to the specific room so you get nothing but the crisp, feedback-free sound you expect.


With many different areas in a facility, a wayfinding kiosk is a perfect way to help people get where they need to go and alleviate the demand on your information desk.

We provide superior wayfinding systems that combine both audio and visual components. There are additional options for automation and other features depending on your needs.

Digital Signage

Recreation centers often have a high number of patrons of all ages. Digital signage is an excellent solution to ensure information is distributed to as many as possible.

Not only can you provide updates on hours or facility requirements, but you can also inform customers of promotions and upcoming events.

In the case of an emergency, with the push of one button, critical instructions can be displayed throughout the entire facility to ensure the best possible outcome.

We have a team of talented graphic designers who can assist you with content and provide training on how to update the information.

Aquatic & Swimming Timing

digital EDGE creates fully coordinated swim timing systems for pools and aquatic centers.

We design custom timing systems for swimming classes, water polo, aquatic fitness classes, diving, and more.

Paging Systems

Paging systems are important in larger facilities. If you’re looking for a parent for that lost child or alerting staff on important information, our paging systems will keep operations running smoothly.

You can choose from several options–one-way or two-way systems, as well as additional capabilities for communication to and from individual rooms.

We can assist you in choosing the very best paging system for your facility.

Portable AV

Portable sound systems don’t have to sound like your grandfather’s boombox.

We have high performance multi-use audio solutions that are portable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Outdoor AV Displays

Outdoor LED signs are an awesome way to let the community know of upcoming events at your recreation center!

Messages will be displayed in impressive high-definition clarity making them easily seen and appreciated by onlookers.

We won’t leave you hanging—digital EDGE offers full creative design services, easy-to-use content management software, and on-site service plans.

Media Walls /Scoreboard Solutions

digital EDGE’s proprietary scoreboard technology offers cutting edge options

Our media walls can be customized based on your specifications and purposes. We offer options from a simple wall-mounted solution to a massive four-sided solution that can be mounted in the middle of the facility.

Along with customized sizing, our media walls offer custom functionality. Use it as a traditional scoreboard, play group games, watch the play-offs, or display any kind of media. Your LED media wall can also be integrated with the rec center’s audiovisual system.

These walls are designed with the end-user in mind. Understanding that many different team members will be using the set-up, we have ensured that people without any technical knowledge will be able to operate the system with ease.

Contact us today for assistance in designing a full-scale solution for your specific needs; from technology to programming, to training.


Important ideas require the best communication.

digital Edge provides high-quality audio and video recording, including background noise reduction and conferencing solutions for any space.

Presentation AV Systems

Important presentations are best delivered with the help of automation and control.

Everything from the equipment to the lights will be taken care of. These system controls are easily accessible but hidden in plain sight. This allows you to focus on your delivery and the execution of a high-end performance.

Portable options are also available for those who travel and require a worry-free presentation system on the road.

Automation & Control Systems

Tired of fussing with technology?

Smart technology allows us to integrate all the controls for your devices into a single dashboard.

Easy to use and completely customizable, these systems offer the utmost convenience and allow for rapid transitions for lighting, audio and video components, temperature and room controls, and more.

Audio Visual Conferencing

Our digital solutions for conferencing let you focus on communicating your ideas to colleagues without the hassle of setup.

Combining high-level audio and visual components, we can create a system with easy controls, background noise reduction, and seamless call integration.

With the touch of a button, you can easily transition from delivering a presentation to joining a video conference call and have lighting and audio settings adjusted automatically.

AV Streaming

Want video on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram?

High-performance AV streaming allows for professional-level videos. Record and edit your own videos, or stream live with high-resolution cameras and unlimited data storage.

Ready to get your AV setup looking pro?

The talented team at digital EDGE is dedicated to creating functional spaces that provide for the unique needs of our clients. We do not set limitations for ourselves, and therefore, there are no limits to what we can achieve for our clients.