We are experts in creating functional executive workspaces.

digital EDGE’s meeting room solutions inspire constructive interactions between coworkers, teams, and clients. The result is maximum productivity.

Our subscription services give you all the flexibility, support, and upgrades you need for one low monthly price.


digital EDGE media + Corporate Huddle Spaces

Want more collaboration in your workplace?

Huddle spaces are the ideal working space for small teams of 3 to 5 people. It is your office’s hub for internal and external communications.

All huddle spaces come with a custom video display and background noise-cancelling audio communications devices to let your team focus on the task at hand.

This solution may be used in both small rooms and open space offices.


digital EDGE media + Corporate Meeting Rooms

Empower your teams by allowing them to express ideas and share information with ease.

digital EDGE will integrate audiovisual equipment such as displays, video conferencing technology, and wired and wireless connectivity into a small room optimized for 5-8 people.

With access to hundreds of professional AV suppliers, we can easily accommodate specific requirements and layouts.


digital EDGE media + Corporate Board Rooms

We are well-versed in crafting professional, executive boardrooms for 8 up to 16 people.

Advanced meeting management devices allow your employees to easily share ideas, even from remote locations.

Premium boardroom options include synchronized touchscreen control panels. These allow you full control over the entire boardroom system, all at your fingertips.


digital EDGE media + Corporate Digital Signage

Tired of firing out unengaging newsletters?

Save the paper and your money.

If you want your audience to notice your messaging, it needs to be more than just eye-catching—it needs to be an experience.

Our digital signage solutions broadcast your content through detailed, vivid displays.

The result is stunning—even in outdoor settings.

Work with digital EDGE’s talented graphic designers to create on-brand experiences for your audience that capture their attention and admiration.

You’ll have full control over messaging and aesthetics, which means you can fire your print shop, save time and money, and always stay up-to-date on your content.


digital EDGE media + Corporate Conferencing Systems

Our digital solutions for conferencing let you focus on communicating your ideas to colleagues without the hassle of a setup.

Combining high-level audio and visual components, we can create a system with easy controls, background noise reduction, and seamless call integration:

With the touch of a button you can easily switch from performing a presentation to joining a video conference call and have lighting and audio settings adjusted automatically.


digital EDGE media + Corporate Building Management

Smart technology allows us to integrate all the controls for your devices into a single touchscreen dashboard.

These easy-to-use, customizable systems offer the utmost convenience and allow for rapid transitions for lighting, audio and video components, temperature and room controls, and more.