Corporate SOlutions

We are experts in creating highly functional executive workspaces.

digital EDGE’s meeting room solutions inspire rich interactions between coworkers, teams, and clients. The result is maximum productivity.

Meeting rooms are where the magic happens. New ideas are born, new strategies created, and new relationships developed as team members come together. Ensuring these spaces provide the tools your team needs is not only imperative to creativity, but vital to a company’s success.

Don’t forget about the “Wow Factor” your customers will experience as they enter a sleek executive meeting space outfitted with top-of-the-line technology. It speaks volumes about your company and will radiate a sense of success and prosperity.

Our solutions come with flexibility… Check out our subscription services which will provide you with the support, adaptability, and upgrade options you need… all at one low monthly price.

Huddle Spaces

Want more collaboration in your workplace?

Huddle spaces provide the ideal working environment for small teams of 3 to 5 people. This space will soon become your office’s hub for internal and external communications.

All huddle spaces are designed with a custom video display and background noise-cancelling audio communications devices that let your team focus on the task at hand.

This solution is appropriate for both small rooms and open space offices.

Meeting Rooms

Empower your teams by allowing them to express ideas and share information with ease.

digital EDGE can integrate audiovisual equipment such as displays, video conferencing technology, and wired and wireless connectivity options into a small room optimized for 5-8 people.

With access to hundreds of professional AV suppliers, we can easily accommodate your specific requirements or unusual floor plans.

Board Rooms

We are skilled at crafting professional executive boardrooms for 8 to 16 people.

Advanced meeting management devices allow your employees to easily share ideas, even from remote locations.

Premium boardroom options include synchronized touchscreen control panels that allow you full control of the entire boardroom system…all at your fingertips.

Digital Signage

Tired of firing out unengaging newsletters? Save a tree… and your money.

Do you want people to notice your messages?

More than ever these days, companies are vying for the attention of potential customers, while at the same time doing their best to keep their current ones. You can be sure that your competition is always looking for ways to one-up you and increase their sales. This is a time when everyone needs to be ‘on point’.

If you want your audience to notice your messaging over the messaging of your competitors, it needs to be more than just eye-catching—it needs to be an experience!

Our digital signage solutions will ensure you are broadcasting your dynamic content over displays that are clear and vivid. Even in outdoor settings, the results are stunning!

Need assistance with content? Work with digital EDGE’s talented graphic designers to create on-brand experiences for your audience that capture their attention and their imaginations. With full control over your messaging and aesthetics, you will save both time and money while your content stays fresh and up-to-date.

Conferencing Systems

Our digital solutions for conferencing let you focus on communicating your ideas to colleagues instead of on the hassle of setup.

Combining high-level audio and visual components, we can create a system with easy controls, background noise reduction, and seamless call integration. With the touch of a button, you can easily switch from presentation mode to conference mode and join a video conference call while lighting and audio settings are automatically adjusted.

Conference systems provide the means for communicating with current and prospective customers and suppliers when time is of the essence. The ability to engage in video calls will not only save you money but will also provide opportunities for global interactions that will allow you to grow and accelerate your business…providing you with a sure edge over your competitors.

Building Management

Current Smart technology allows us to integrate all the controls for your devices into a single touchscreen dashboard.

These easy-to-use, customizable systems offer you the utmost convenience. They allow for rapid transitions in lighting, audio and video components, temperature and room controls, and more.

Ready to get your corporate setup looking and sounding pro?

The talented team at digital EDGE is dedicated to creating functional spaces that provide for the unique needs of our clients. We do not set limitations for ourselves, and therefore, there are no limits to what we can achieve for our clients.