Informational Signage

Informational signage solutions from digital EDGE media scale to fit your needs and budget. We use industry leading software that supports text, pictures, animations, external data feeds, live tv and more to ensure that your end communication goals can be met beyond your expectations. Engage and communicate with your target audience with creative dynamic content that can be updated from your local computer. digital EDGE media is pleased to offer content design services alongside our signage solutions to ensure your vision comes to life.

Digital Menu Boards

Captivate your customer and increase sales with digital menu boards in your restaurant / food service establishment. Traditional menu boards traditionally show static information to communicate your offerings, often without any eye catching visuals. When you want to make a change to your menu or Read More!

Wayfinding Systems

Wayfinding technologies are quickly replacing older methods of navigating like static maps and building plans with digital interactive kiosks that direct you to your final location. Wayfinding solutions from digital EDGE media are packed with intuitive features that help reduce waste and increase customer engagement Read More!

LED TV Displays

When one hears the word “LED Display”, many think of a regular residential or commercial display that are commonly found in homes and restaurants to watch television. After all, many manufacturers use the wording “LED TV” in their naming and marketing of television sets. To Read More!


Digital Edge Media carries Sedna Presenter, the premier Apple Digital Signage product on the market. Sedna runs a good section of portion of NY’s Times Square building LED signage. Developed in Europe, Sedna has now been brought to Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver by digital EDGE Read More!

Carousel Digital Signage

Carousel is an intelligent digital signage system that is designed with simplicity, security, scalability and success in mind. Start with a single display and expand to nearly limitless channels of signage in multiple buildings. Use existing flash, video and graphics or enter messages directly. Carousel is excellent for organizations that want to easily communicate with their target audience. With a 100% web‐centric interface, Carousel allows your staff to create beautiful and effective content with little or no training, saving valuable hours of staff time! Read More!